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  • Welcome to the biggest party of your life!

  • Think of the best party night you’ve ever been to.
    Yes, that one.
    Good wasn’t it?

    You’ve had some good nights since but nothing has ever really compared, has it?
    Until now... read more..

  • Luxury Spa? But I'm needed at' mill!

  • Time was when the very idea of beauty treatments, hotel spa breaks or a luxury spa weekend would have seemed just a bit…well…odd.

    It wasn’t a very British thing to do.

    It involved revealing more flesh than any third party should ever be exposed to. It involved relaxing. It involved taking care of yourself, taking time for yourself and, God forbid, enjoying yourself... read more...

  • Stag Weekends | Blackpool, Newcastle, Riga… ancient Sparta?

  • It’s not an obvious stag weekend destination, admittedly, but, aside from the need to invent a time machine, go to war against Athens and wear very little in the way of clothing, ancient Sparta really should be seen in the same light as it’s more modern rivals as a stag party destination.

    Why? Because that’s where the concept of stag nights began some 2,500 years ago – a soldier’s toast to a friend about to get married... read more...

  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach | A Century Old Family Affair

  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been welcoming families to its 42 acre site on the South Promenade for over one hundred years.

    Pleasure Beach Blackpool has remained in the same family ownership since it first opened its doors in 1896. Perhaps that’s why Blackpool Pleasure Beach, unlike any other theme park in the country, has an unrivalled range of rides that caters for toddlers, young children and families... read more...

  • ‘Hen weekends’ – 60 points on a triple word score. Ahem.

  • Planning a hen party, hen night or a full on hen weekend? Then you will need to use a company who specialise in planning hen parties, hen nights and hen weekends.

    The thing is, hen nights are a rarity. By rights everybody should have just the one -assuming you picked right in the first place, of course - and even if you didn’t they’re still pretty damn rare. As rare as accountants with sex appeal; as rare as a TV programme without Gordon Ramsay in it; as rare as … well, hen’s teeth... read more

  • Paintballing: To Paintball or Not to Paintball

  • Paintballing may be popular, and locations to hold your paintballing event may be scattered liberally across the country, but if you’ve never been paintballing before then you really can’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

    So here’s everything you need to know about one of the greatest, most fun, and just plain insane outdoor activities you’ll find anywhere.

    Then you can decide whether it’s right for you and your work, stag, hen or any other party... read more...

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • Clay pigeon shooting: you may be introduced to it on a hen or stag weekend, but you’ll stay clay shooting for life.

    Call Ultimate Weekends now to book your more...

  • Male strippers: Hunky? Check. Gorgeous? Check. Hilarious??

  • Adonis Cabaret Show: the ultimate girls’ night more...